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Changing standards of beauty

I love researching the different beauty standards that have existed over time. It's so crazy to me that some of the features that were held up as the ideal of beauty in one generation became ugly and undesirable just a few decades later. I love the way that different societies value all sorts of different features as well, so one body part can be revered in one culture and ignored in others. This blog is all about the changing ways that people have looked at beauty in different time periods and cultures from around the world. I hope you enjoy.



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4 Reasons to Order Polyester Instead of Cotton Sports Gear for Your School Teams

If you're looking for a kit for your school's sports team, one of the most fundamental decisions you'll need to come to is what kind of materials you'll be using. Cotton is often assumed to be the best type, but it actually comes with a number of serious disadvantages when compared to a synthetic alternative like polyester.

Here are just four reasons why your sports team should wear polyester gear instead of cotton.

1. Polyester Can Wick Moisture Away                      

Most team sports involve a lot of exercise, so you'll want to pick up kit that can handle a lot of sweating. Polyester is the way to go here because most polyester sports garments are able to wick sweat away from the body. Cotton, on the other hand, tends to trap moisture within its fibres, so your team will soon feel weighed down by their own sweat.

2. Polyester Dries Quickly

The fact that polyester is less absorbent than cotton has another important benefit: It dries a lot faster. If your team is out on the field working up a sweat while they wear kit made from cotton, that kit isn't going to properly dry out until they can get home, wash it and put it in the dryer. Polyester kits will get dry much faster, and that's also going to be advantageous if you happen to play or train through rain.

3. Polyester Lasts Longer

Cotton is pretty easy to maintain, but it is susceptible to shrinking during a wash. This is a big problem when you're dealing with sports gear since kits need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Polyester doesn't even require hot water to be washed, ensuring energy savings over the lifetime of the garment, and it is far less vulnerable to shrinking and wrinkling.

Polyester stretches, which cotton doesn't, so rips and tears are less likely. This is a real concern during contact sports, such as gridiron football. It's also more stain resistant than cotton thanks to its low absorbency, and it won't fade in the sun like cotton will. Finally, cotton tends to lose its shape over time.

4. Polyester is Cheaper

Since polyester is an artificial product it tends to be significantly cheaper than cotton. This isn't normally a huge concern for shoppers looking for a regular T-shirt or pair of shorts, but teams need to make large orders for many children; in some cases, the cost of the garment will be the responsibility of the parent. In either case, the price difference starts to become more important.

Look into clothing like ZBR sportswear to learn more about your kit options.