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Changing standards of beauty

I love researching the different beauty standards that have existed over time. It's so crazy to me that some of the features that were held up as the ideal of beauty in one generation became ugly and undesirable just a few decades later. I love the way that different societies value all sorts of different features as well, so one body part can be revered in one culture and ignored in others. This blog is all about the changing ways that people have looked at beauty in different time periods and cultures from around the world. I hope you enjoy.



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How to Protect Your Hair From the Cold Winter Air

When the winter season arrives, you may be enjoying the colder temperatures, going sledding with your family, and wearing your favorite heavy coat. However, your hair might not be enjoying it quite as much. The cold air can be harsh for hair, but there are ways to protect it and reduce the damage that the cold temperatures can cause.

Keep Your Hair Covered

When you are going to be outside for an extended period of time in harsh weather, you might be better off covering your hair temporarily. For example, if it is snowing, or the wind has suddenly gotten heavy or ice cold, it is best to cover your hair. You can do this by wearing a hat, wool beanie, or by typing a scarf around your hair. This will protect it and reduce the damage done by heavy, cold winds.

Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment

You need to have as much conditioner in your hair as possible to protect it from the harsh cold weather conditions. One great way to do this is by seeing your hair stylist for a deep conditioning treatment. While deep conditioning products are also sold in stores, the treatment you get from a professional stylist can't be beat. They will not only provide the conditioning treatment, but might even send you home with a small bottle to keep up with adding more moisture into your hair.

Use Conditioner Every Time You Shampoo

In addition to getting a deep conditioning treatment, you also need to give your hair a boost of moisture with regular conditioning. Every time you shampoo your hair, add conditioner afterward. This should be done at least a few days a week. However, don't shampoo every day or every time you shower. This can dry out your hair and strip of its natural oils, which you need to avoid dryness. After your shower, consider adding a leave-in conditioner to your hair as well.

Reduce Heat Styling Products

It might be tempting to use your favorite curling wand on your hair each day, but this is going to be very damaging to your hair. Your hair is already going through some harsh weather conditions, so it is best that you reduce excessive heat damage to your hair. On days when you need to use a heat styling product, make sure you apply a heat protectant to your hair first.

For more tips on how to protect your hair in the winter, talk to a local hairdresser.