Changing Standards of Beauty

4 Reasons to Order Polyester Instead of Cotton Sports Gear for Your School Teams

If you’re looking for a kit for your school’s sports team, one of the most fundamental decisions you’ll need to come to is what kind of materials you’ll be using. Cotton is often assumed to be the best type, but it actually comes with a number of serious disadvantages when compared to a synthetic alternative […]

Three ideas for an at-home spa day

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and rejuvenating as whiling away a few hours at a luxury spa, indulging in decadent food and lots of beauty treatments. However, these types of days out can be very expensive. If you’re on a tight budget but are in desperate need of a pampering session, read on for some […]

Common Questions Consumers Have About Taking Their Clothes to the Dry Cleaners

If you buy an article of clothing that is marked “dry clean only,” you want to pay attention to those instructions. Trying to launder those items yourself, even if you hand wash them, can result in stretched, shrunken, or otherwise ruined garments. Note some questions you might have about taking your clothes to the dry […]

Styling Seniors: The Best Furniture for a Salon in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

Many assisted living facilities and nursing homes include small salons. These salons allow residents to easily get their hair washed, combed and styled or to access other salon services as needed, and they can help to draw residents to the facility. If you are designing your salon, you need to choose the furniture carefully. Here […]

How to Protect Your Hair From the Cold Winter Air

When the winter season arrives, you may be enjoying the colder temperatures, going sledding with your family, and wearing your favorite heavy coat. However, your hair might not be enjoying it quite as much. The cold air can be harsh for hair, but there are ways to protect it and reduce the damage that the […]

How a beautician can build a rapport with a client

Obviously, the ability of a beauty therapist to deliver treatments after having successfully completed a beauty therapy course plays a significant role in their employability in the beauty therapy industry. However, besides the various types of beauty treatments learnt at the beauty college, beauty therapists are also taught how build a rapport with their clients. […]

Avert Photoaging with These Treatment Options for a Youthful Look

Photoaging is very common to people in their advanced age as their skin starts showing signs of aging, e.g. losing its youthful looks, wrinkles showing up all over the face, fine lines appearing around the lips and the surfacing of age spots on your hands. Whereas these signs are natural and inevitable, most of them […]

Choosing the Best Uniform Fabrics for Your Restaurant Chefs, Waiters and Waitresses

The role of uniforms for your restaurant staff is vital. Restaurant uniforms work to identify the working staff and protect the image of your restaurant by creating a unique brand. They also promote a productive environment that meets all the health and safety requirements. Comfort, colour, maintenance, message, and materials are all things that make […]

Food for Thought: 4 Dishes You Can Make with Flowers

Flowers are not just a pretty things we give to our loved ones on special occasions. Some of them are even edible, and have been used in traditional cooking all over the world. The most obvious use of flowers in the kitchen is for decorative purposes, but flowers can also add unique taste and aroma […]

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